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  1. Robert’s Rules of Order (11th Edition) shall govern the deliberations of this convention, except as may be modified by these rules. 
  2. Any proposed resolution shall be submitted in writing to the state chairman by June 5, 2020. No other resolutions or platform items, or amendments thereto, may be introduced on the floor of the convention. The Resolutions Committee will complete its work by June 15, 2020. Any resolution to be considered by the convention must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the committee. 
  3. Due to COVID-19, physical presence in the headquarters room to conduct the meeting will be limited to the members of the state executive board, convention committee chairs, a guest of the state party executive committee, staff, press, the parliamentarian, convention chair, sponsors, and technicians and production staff providing the electronic service to the party. The state party chairman may allow a person with a disability who needs to be present in person if requested 24 hours in advance. Accommodations will be made on a case by case basis, as determined by the Chair. 
  4. To participate in the electronic system used in 2020, delegates have to be registered for the convention at southdakotagopconvention.com, in the system by June 17, by midnight. 
  5. Speaking privileges shall be limited to delegates, convention officers, committee chairs, convention committee members, and any candidate for statewide office nominated at the party primary election. Any delegate addressing the Chair shall identify himself or herself and the county which the delegate represents or position they hold. For 2020 no convention fee is required to be paid to participate. All delegates must be registered at southdakotagopconvention.com in the electronic system by June 17. No proxies will be allowed. 
  6. To seek recognition by the Chair, the delegate must send a text message to 605-610-1479 specifying the person’s name, county and purpose for which they are seeking recognition. 
  1. Voting shall be by voice vote or through the electronic Voatz system provided by the party. In order to process credentials, to be eligible to vote, all delegates must receive credentials through the Voatz system by June 20 at 10:30 a.m., Central Time. The Voatz system shall only be used to vote on resolutions. 
  2. For votes conducted through the Voatz electronic system, votes shall be proportionate, in accordance with SDCL 12-5-18. . 

South Dakota Republican Party, State Convention Rules, 2020 Convention 

  1. The following rules shall apply for the nomination or election of a candidate. No person may be nominated for public office or national committeeman or committeewoman, unless that person gave written notice of his or her intention to run for the office to the state chairman by June 15, 2020. No person shall be nominated or elected who has not first been nominated in the following manner: 
  2. One nominating speech of not more than three (3) minutes and no more than one seconding speech of not more than one and a half (1.5) minutes shall be permitted for each person who is nominated. 
  1. When there are no further nominations the chair will declare nominations closed. 
  1. If a motion to cast a unanimous ballot is made and seconded, a voice vote will be taken. 
  1. There is no debate on nomination for office or convention officers. 
  2. As required by state law, a candidate must receive a majority of  the votes cast by those present and voting to be elected or nominated. 
  1. All three Presidential Electors may be elected as a slate and by one vote without further nominations. 
  1. Upon completion of the balloting each person who is elected may give an acceptance speech of not more than five (5) minutes. The candidates may waive the acceptance speech. 
  2. The following rules shall apply generally to all floor speeches during the Convention: 
  3. Unless otherwise provided for in these rules, no delegate shall speak for more than two (2) minutes on any item. This time must be used in the delegate’s one floor speech allotted for the item and members may not reserve rebuttal time or otherwise split up their allotted two (2) minutes. No delegate may speak more than once on an item. 
  1. Delegates are not permitted to yield time for any floor speeches to other members. Each member is limited to his or her maximum allotted time under these rules. 

South Dakota Republican Party, State Convention Rules, 2020 Convention 

  1. Only delegates recognized by the chair may make floor speeches. 
  2. For any and all floor speeches, including nominating or seconding speeches, time limits shall be monitored and enforced by the Chair. 
  1. Time for debate on resolutions will be limited to a total of 10 minutes per resolution. 
  1. No further debate on resolutions shall be allowable after 1:00 p.m. Central Time. 
  1. On any vote, the outcome shall be determined by a majority of the votes cast. 
  2. No motion for roll call or request for division is in order. 
  3. No motion to amend a resolution is in order. 
  4. A decision on a point of order will be made by the Chair and is not appealable. 
  5. The Convention may be recessed from time to time by the Chair of the Convention in accordance with the procedures provided in Robert’s Rules of Order 
  6. Any motion to suspend these rules requires a 2/3 vote of the delegates eligible to vote on a voice vote. 
  7. The order of voting on nominations and elections shall be as follows: 

Public Utilities Commissioner National Committeewoman National Committeeman Presidential Electors 

South Dakota Republican Party, State Convention Rules, 2020 Convention 


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